Endangered! : ​A Super Stormy Musical

Endangered! : ​A Super Stormy Musical

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ENDANGERED! is a multi-cultural, international, multi-species musical about a social media savvy Kid reporter and a group of famous endangered animals from around the globe, who must survive an unexpected superstorm! Stranded at the zoo when the superstorm hits the city, the Kid and the endangered animals must quickly learn to understand and respect each other, while working together to save themselves. ENDANGERED! has melodies that are renewable, and harmonies that are sustainable, making this groundbreaking eco-musical uplifting and enjoyable for creatures of all ages! Endangered was originally commissioned by the Friends of the National Zoo-Smithsonian, created in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club.

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The Davenport Theatre

The Davenport Theatre 354 W 45th St New York, NY 10036

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