Me The People: The Trump America Musical

Me The People: The Trump America Musical

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They say that comedy is tragedy plus time. After over 100 days of Trump, the creators of 2006’s acclaimed musical revue Bush Wars declare that, it’s time! Their new show, ME THE PEOPLE—The Trump America Musical, is an uproarious entertainment that takes aim at the embarrassment that is the topsy-turvy presidency of Comrade Donald J. Trump.

From his Crony Cabinet, to his Supremely Radical Court, White House grifters Ivanka and Jared and of course, the Trumpcare debacle, no one is spared. ME THE PEOPLE also offers a hilarious diagnosis from Sigmund Freud and a tour de force earful from Hillary Clinton.

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Theatre Information

The Triad Theatre

The Triad Theatre
158 W 72nd St
New York, NY 10023

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