SHENANIGANS – Irish Celebration

SHENANIGANS – Irish Celebration

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The FunikiJam Show ‘SHENANIGANS: Irish Celebration!’, offers Irish songs, dances, stories, and fun for theatergoers 10 and younger.

When the Agents of Jam embark on a special mission to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, they enlist the audience as “new recruits” to discover a lively mix of songs & stories that a fun spin on leprechauns, banshees, rainbows, and lucky pots of gold. Even grown-ups will be laughing, clapping, and playing along with FunikiJam’s cast of international artists and musicians as they dance and sing to the Shamrock Beat.

While many New Yorkers are all too familiar with St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, the deeds being honored in this show involve neither rowdy crowds nor alcohol.

Funikijam World Music is an organization dedicated to presenting world-music classes and programs for children. FunikiJam’s Off-Broadway Family Musicals are interactive, high energy shows that engage all ages with music, singing, dancing, storytelling, spectacle and audience participation.

WARNING: May cause laughing, clapping, dancing, and singing in multiple languages.

The FunikiJam Show: SHENANIGANS – Irish Celebration Special Information

Brian Barrentine returns to his starring role of Captain Jam with the Agents of Jam: Andrea Galata as Agent Sbrexy from Italy and Sage Newman as Agent Bongo with Irish Fiddler, Molly Coyne.

The FunikiJam Show: SHENANIGANS – Irish Celebration Cast Members:

Brian Barrentine, Andrea Galata, Sage Newman, Molly Coyn

The FunikiJam Show: SHENANIGANS – Irish Celebration Creative Team

Book / Music / Lyrics: Brian Barrentine
Director: Rosemary Newcott
Choreographer: Brian Barrentine
Producer: World Music Theatre Company & Gatehouse Entertainment

Run Time

60 minutes, with no intermission


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Theatre Information

Actor´s Temple Theatre

339 W. 47th St
NY 10036

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