Wicked Frozen

Wicked Frozen

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Wicked Frozen is a high-energy parody mash-up of Wicked and Frozen, both celebrating and skewering these two wildly successful pop culture phenomenons. When Adele Dazeem and her teacher Kristen Chenobell become trapped in a Boston classroom during a freak blizzard, things take a turn for the absurd, as Adele sets off on a journey through the magical land of Scandinorfindelle. Wicked Frozen is not only a subversive satire on six cups of coffee, but also a reminder that even when things may only ‘be okay,’ it’s the people around us that truly matter.

Run Time

Sunday 7:30 PM



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Theatre Information

St. Luke's Theatre

308 West 46th Street
(between 8th and 9th Avenues)
New York NY 10036

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