From South Korea to New York City: Hana Park

Talented, driven and passionate, actress Hana Park shares with us about her journey to the New York City Stage

HaNa Park-Headshot

Q: You have been in various shows in NYC, some of your more recent one’s being THE PETER SHAFFER MEMORIAL at the American Airlines Theater, The Off-Broadway Musical COMFORT WOMEN and most recently Macy Park in THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE. What has your favorite role been to date and why?

A: I loved every role I played, so it is very difficult to choose a favorite. All the shows I have performed in were such an honor since I was able to work with great productions that, and people whom, I really love. However, if I really had to choose one, I would say Marcy Park in THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE is my favorite role to date. This role was one of my dream roles and a challenging role, I enjoyed the work a lot. Moreover, this character and I have many commonalities. I really loved meeting this character and being able to feel what it feels like to be a teenager again.


Q: What do you believe your biggest motivation to be as a performer?

A: My biggest motivation to as a performer is being able to learn through new experiences everyday. I can learn new things from dancing, singing, acting etc. I am also motivated by the great people I have around me everyday. Everyday is a new day for pursuing my passion which gives me joy. Also, and especially, those around me who have supported me when I had a goal. They have always given me encouragement saying that I should never stop dreaming. I am very fortunate to be around many great people with the  huge passion of achieving goals. I also receive beautiful motivations and inspiration from my teachers and friends whom I respect a lot. If I never met them, I would not have been able to keep up with my goals. Also, I always think about my family members who are constantly supporting me- all the way from South Korea. I love them so much.


Q: Can you describe what it was like for you moving from South Korea to New York City?

A: I moved to New York because of my dream. I always wanted to learn more about acting, singing, and dancing in order to be a better actress and I thought New York City was ideal. Of course, it was not easy to follow my dream in a country speaking a different language, but I am loving every moment here in New York as a performer. Although, the transition into a new country was the biggest challenge in my life, I was so excited to come to New York to be a performer. Ever since I moved to New York, I have never stopped working to chase my dream.


Q: Please tell us more about your role as Macy Park in  THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE.

A: Marcy Park is a typical Korean teenager under the pressure of needing to be the best of all. She lives under stereotypical Asian standards. Therefore, she is a super kid who can do everything well. She can play the piano, do Taekwondo, perform different forms of dance and  speak 6 languages. However, she is sick of being the best at everything and wants to pursue freedom and break away from the chains of stereotypes. In the show, she gets her freedom after talking with her best friend, Jesus. She is an intelligent and lovable character.


Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to start out their career in the New York City Entertainment Industry?

A: I would like to say enjoy every moment and every day you are living. Also, be confident in who you are and what tools you currently have for achieving your goals. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask and learn something new! Hard work will never let you down. I strongly believe that anything is possible as long as you believe. Your dream is becoming more possible with every moment and second.