Goldstein the Musical

I had the pleasure of discussing the new upcoming Off-Broadway production GOLDSTEIN with one of its co-creators Michael Roberts.


Q: You wrote the music and lyrics for the upcoming show GOLDSTEIN. Can you tell us a little bit more about this show?

 A: Goldstein came about because there was another show of ours running off-Broadway and we wanted to look for something new to do. The shows we had done off-Broadway, regionally, internationally, etc. had always been comedy and it was important to me to find a project that was a little more serious. So the idea of the show goes to Charlie schulman, who wrote the script, he brought me the idea and we started writing it together around 2007.

Q: What has been the most challenging element of creating this musical?

A: For me, the most challenging thing has been that unlike most musicals that exist these days, this is not based on a pre-existing film or play or story in the newspaper. We created this from nothing so when you do that you constantly have to create more for yourself because there is no ‘set in place’ story to help you along.

Q: What would you describe as the most rewarding element of creating this show?

A: That’s easy to answer because it is the same for every show. When you have your first performance, the first time you see it and you have good actors and actresses doing your material and they make it better than what you thought it would be, that’s always the best part.

Q: What information can you give for people who want to become involved in the show?

 A: We have most of the money we need for the show in place but we always welcome new investors who want to get involved to help us get to the finish line, that would be wonderful. Other ways that would really help the show would be to support the indigogo campaign that we will have for the cast album. That will be launched in the next month or so and if they pre-order the cast album there are added incentives. Another way to help is to come see the show. If they like it please bring other people and spread the word. Any show spreads by word of mouth.

Q: Where should people go to be updated about the show?

 A: There are two places. They can visit my website which is there is also a show website which is still new they can listen to four or five songs on the website right now.

 Q: Is there anything around this show that you would like to speak to?

 A: Throughout this show we have played to audiences of various cultural backgrounds and something that stood out to me was how regardless of race or culture so many people came to tell me that their family was exactly like the Goldsteins. It has proven to be a show that is relatable to the vast majority of its audience. It truly is a show for everyone.