Interview with stage and screen’s Daphne Alexander

From London to New York, Daphne Alexander maintains a beautifully eloquent soul that speaks to the heart of her craft.

Q: CITY STORIES has been described as ‘something really different’ can you tell us a little about this show and the role you play?

A: What’s different is that CITY STORIES fuses drama and music in a unique way, and weaves a series of interconnected love stories into a journey through the city of London. It isn’t a musical, and yet it is filled with haunting music. Each story-playlet is essentially a soliloquy addressed to the audience, whimsical, romantic and surprising. Both words and music are evocative and stir the listeners in unexpected ways.

Q: As a bi-continental actress what are the main differences for you between working in London versus working in New York City?

A: London and New York are stunning cities and extraordinarily exciting to work in, and also to be lost in wandering around the streets. Our City Stories are precisely about that, and even though they’re set in London they explore themes pertinent to all big cities: the sprawling feel, the anonymity but also the surprising moments of connection with complete strangers.

Q: You currently hold an 01 Visa to work in the States. What was the process of obtaining this visa like for you?

A: A series of TV and film roles that were co-produced here in America, such as HBO’s HOUSE OF SADDAM  and Universal’s THE FOURTH KIND led to me becoming eligible for an O1 visa. I feel so fortunate to be able to work here, and hope to do a lot more stage and screen work in the US.

Q: Do you have a favorite spot in New York City?

A: Central Park is the most beautiful park I’ve ever seen, such a haven of stunning nature in the midst of this huge metropolis. The shopping in the village isn’t bad either!

Q: If you had one message that you would want to give to the world, what would it be?

A: Be present in every moment. Life is short and should be lived, moment to moment. Surrender to each moment as fully as you can! That’s what I’m trying to do, anyway.

Q: Why do you think people should come and see CITY STORIES?

A: I know I’m biased, but CITY STORIES is my favourite show in the world. I love working with the wonderfully talented bunch of actors, the musician Rosabella Gregory and writer James Phillips, both completely brilliant. As for the plays, they are love stories set in a city I love and call my home – London. Rosabella’s music weaved into James’ writing creates a poignant, powerful, haunting effect, bringing strong images, feelings and memories to mind. The audience is transported to a magical parallel universe of words and music. And as Steven Spielberg said, “the worse the world gets, the more magic we need to believe in”.


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