Interview with the vivacious Rachel Lauria

Rachel Lauria is a vivacious talent about to make her Off-Broadway Debut.
See what she has to say about life, motivation and making it in NYC.

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Q: Congratulations on your upcoming Off-Broadway debut. Can you tell us a little bit about MY BIG GAY ITALIAN MIDLIFE CRISIS and the role that you will be playing?

A:  Anthony Pinnunziato is approaching his 40’s and is faced with the challenges of balancing his now very successful weight loss company “Body Body” with past and present gay relationships.  Fun characters come together to join him on his journey in this laugh out loud interactive fiasco comedy of errors.” I will be playing the role of “Tracy Triceps” alongside April Rosenberg as “Betty Biceps”, and Sarah Elizondo as “Luscious Lucille.” We form the Luscious Living Girls, a high end weight loss brand and a competitor of ‘Body Body.” My character is the co-chair of this company and stands out as a very confident and pompous personality. Together they don’t see “Body Body” as competition.

Q: What is your biggest inspiration and/or motivation in life?

A: I think my biggest motivation in life is knowing I can inspire others to follow their dreams by following  mine. The smallest success that might not seem like a big deal to you can mean the world to someone else who needed that inspiration. I have gone through many ups and downs through my life and my career as I am sure many others have, but it’s those challenges we face that shape us and motivate us to push harder for our dreams. I know for me seeing others grow as people and performers and seeing them achieve their goals, inspires me to continue to push myself.

Q: How do you spend your time when you aren’t acting, rehearsing, auditioning or preparing for your role?

A: I honestly never thought I would say this, but I spend most of my time in the gym teaching Cize Live, and exercising. After my major weight loss journey this past year, exercise has become an activity in my daily life. I love it and I love to continue to better myself physically as well as in my craft. I also find myself at the movie theatre a good bit as I love going out to the movies and of course out to eat. I also find myself dancing for fun, reading, or hanging with friends, and if the time allows choreographing.

Q: As a young actress living in NYC what is some of the advice that you would give to those who are about to embark on the same journey?

A: I think the best advice I could give someone about to move to NYC and pursue a career in theatre is to have patience. I think when people move to NYC there is a sense of urgency to achieve it all at once. I know I felt that way. Now looking back on my 5 years and making my Off-Broadway debut I see that everything happened exactly as it was supposed to and all my experiences here have lead me to this moment. Remember everyone has there own version of success. Find what that is for you. Know that just moving to NYC and going for what you want is a huge success in itself. Be open to every opportunity, be a part of as many projects as you can, and meet as many people as possible. Those people and experiences will guide you to where you are meant to be. Also know that your time will come if you continue to be humble, kind, and work hard. Don’t ever forget who you are and always make time to congratulate yourself for the little successes that will ultimately lead to the others

Q: What is your dream role and why?

A: My dream role has always been to play Tracy Turnblad on Broadway! Now that I have lost so much weight I am now typed out of that role which is kinda ironic to me. I won’t give up my dreams of Tracy just yet though, but I would have to say one of my dream roles is to be a Dance Captain and Swing in a broadway show. Not the typical role a performer goes for, but for me it’s just right. Just dancing on a broadway stage is the dream role.

Q: Why should people go and see MY BIG GAY ITALIAN MIDLIFE CRISIS?

A: What better way to enjoy an evening than spending it with people who also want a good laugh? I promise you will be dying of laughter and having the time of your life. It’s a big party, full of amazing performers who want to make you smile. So come out and support us and we will give you a show you won’t forget.

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