Investigating Easter in the Provocative New Play PILATE

Jasmin Maria Gauguin talks about the challenges and rewards of her role as Margaret in this new production. As well as about developing a new creative arts program for children.

Pilate Play

Q: Congratulations on your role in PILATE by Mark Allen Eaton, performing at The Salvation Army Theater. Can you tell us a little bit more about the show?

A: Pilate is the story of Easter. From a biblical point, we learn about the story of Jesus – the condemnation , the crucifixion, and finally the resurrection – all with the focus on Jesus but in this play, we focus on Pilate – the governor of Judea who gave the last word in the Jesus case and who ordered for Jesus to be crucified. Who he is and what his beliefs are and how is it to stand in the midst of these crucial times? What does it feel like to give the order of death to the so called ‘Son of God’?

Pilate gives us an authentic and heart touching image of the human response from the ‘evil’ side.


Q: You play the character Margaret, what is she like and what was the most challenging thing you encountered with playing this character?

A: The most challenging thing about Margaret is the fact that she is so disconnected from her feelings, she is almost robotic. It requires a lot of internal work and prep offstage, in order for her not be ‘simple’ and ‘boring’ to watch onstage. It is very fascinating, but definitely challenging!


Q: What was the most rewarding thing?

A: The most rewarding thing about acting a role,  for me,  is always being able to give life to the character. If I don’t do all the work to find the truth of Margaret and get to know her inside and out, no one else will! Specifically for her, it is such a reward to bring her back to her feelings and loosen her up, which is exactly what happens towards the end of the show.


Q: You are also the founder of the Creative Arts Program for Children ‘Gospel in Color’, what has this journey been like for you?

A: Creating this new program has really tried every part of me! I had to learn patience, and trusting God with the big picture, when I for instance sit in a class where only 2 children has shown up. It takes as much as it gives sometimes, but looking a child in the eye and telling them they’re talented and loved and completely enough and then seeing them speechless, knowing that some have never heard these words before are BEYOND precious. I am very grateful!


Q: What has been your favorite New York Moment?

A:  Always feeling the pulse of the city. That alone is inspiration and life. Feeling the energy, it drives you, it inspires, it creates a unique atmosphere,  and it will always be like this.


Q: Who has been your favorite character to play and why?

A: Probably Kali in A LASTING IMPRESSION, because it was a reading of the production. Moreover I have never felt more powerfully that a part was written for me, and that is a miraculous feeling,truly,  because it was still in the development process it gave me more room to play around with the character. Being part of the first steps of a new show is always such an interesting process!