Karla Choko – The Mexican Wolf


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Q: You were recently on Broadway with the musical ON YOUR FEET. Can you tell us a little bit about that experience?

A: It was an amazing experience, to work with my favorite choreographers (Sergio Trujillo & Maria Torres) and to share the stage 8 shows a week with a super fierce and talented cast that happen to also be my friends. I had a blast and to tell the story of Gloria & Emilio Estefan, Latinos chasing their dreams, it was really inspiring, especially the last song ‘Get On Your Feet, Get Up and Make Things Happen.’


Q: What motivates you as a dancer?

A: Everything is an inspiration for me, from our 3 year old girls in tutus taking their first ballet class at Sol Dance Center or my friends enjoying our dance parties. I think dance is just a state of happiness and freedom, and it also gives me the opportunity to express my thoughts or feelings about certain topics. I’m also know as the Mexican wolf since in one of my favorite solo pieces I talk about how they are endangered and we need to protect them. I created my dance company with vegan dancers and we have created a repertoire of pieces about animal exploitation. I am in a time of my life now where I really can use my dance to speak up or create awareness, and this type of performance is my favorite.


Q: In 2009 you founded Sol Dance Center in Astoria, what has that journey been like?

A: It has been the most magical journey, it was an opportunity that came to me, so even though I didn’t plan it, it seemed like it was meant to be. We started with a little studio, and we have been growing constantly. We are so proud to have become one of the biggest dance school in Queens, and to be sharing our love of dance and art to all ages all. To be giving them the tools they need to thrive through dance.


Q: Some new and exciting programs have just started at Sol Dance Center including the new acting/ theater program directed by Mary-Anne Wright. Can you give us some more information about this program?

 A: With my big break on Broadway came the realization that we are in NYC and many dancers biggest dream in to perform on a Broadway stage. So we want to give our youth the opportunity to become triple threats ready for the big leagues


Q: Sol Dance Center has a large annual event, Dancesanity, this year the theme is THE POWER OF LOVE. How have rehearsals been going and what is your hope for this years production?

A: What moves us at Sol is literally the power of love, and with all the negativity happening around the world we want to focus on the positive. To share with everyone some loving energy through dance. So be ready to see some amazing performances of all dance styles, from classical and latin rhythms to break dancing and even brazilian zouk. Rehearsals are going on everyday all day long at Sol Dance Center, You don’t want to miss this. We want to invite everyone to come see it, feel it, live it, the power of Love.

get your tickets at www.soldancecenter.com join us for the after party at Sol.


Q: There is also a Summer Intensive coming up. Can you tell us more about that?

A: We really think that the future of the arts is in our hands, so we love sharing our experiences, knowledge and passion with the younger generations. We have two sessions Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm one In July from the 17th to the 28th, and one in August from the 14th to the 25th. The Summer Intensive is for kids and teens and we have a showcase at the end of each session. It is a really amazing chance to explore their skills and passions since they will have classes in all dance styles as well as yoga and acting and singing.