Kathe Mull: A Woman with a Purpose.

There is a lot that one can learn from a woman in theatre. Kathe Mull discusses her life in the Entertainment Industry, working with WICKED on Broadway and the transformative power of art.

Q: As a woman who has worked for many years within the Entertainment Industry, how would you describe your career to date? 

A: My career in theatre, film and television has been varied, fascinating and completely satisfying. Trained as an actress, I have been involved with every aspect of theatre. I have worked as a Designer, Theatre Manager, Production Stage Manager and Director/Producer. As with any art, there is something new to learn, explore and create.

Q: How long have you worked at WICKED on Broadway and what has that journey been like for you?

A: I have been the Elphaba dresser for over 12 years and have had the privilege of working with over 41 extraordinarily talented women.  It has been inspiring to work with each of them and help navigate the off stage part of their performance. The other joy of working on WICKED is to be surrounded by creative energy all the time.  Performers are always singing, dancing and creating for benefits and concerts. Others are starting new makeup lines, jewelry, purses, or recording albums.  I am constantly reading scripts and discussing ideas for Constructive Outrage Productions. The shared energy is motivating.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Constructive Outrage? What motivated you to start this Theatre Company and what are your hopes for it going forward?

A: My mission for Constructive Outrage Productions: social issues with a solution is to address difficult social topics with love and compassion. The idea grew from a desire to put into practice the philosophy that I was learning while I was earning my Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology. COP’s first production dealt with suicide prevention with a production of 2 VERY DANGEROUS PEOPLE SHARING ONE SMALL SPACE by Joshua James. We are currently performing THE PENIS PAPERS, also by Joshua James, around NYC and in Maine. The play features three male characters that talk about male sexuality in a very fun and poignant way.

Q: What is your favorite New York Moment?

A: I had moved to NYC from Iowa in the 80’s and although I had studied at Circle in The Square for a summer, I was feeling overwhelmed and doubtful that I had made the right move. I walked through Central Park and stumbled upon a fabulous street performance by the Crowtations: a group of puppeteers with their Crow puppets singing the Temptations.  Yep, I was in the right place.http://www.nytimes.com/1995/10/29/nyregion/the-anatomy-of-a-street-act.html?pagewanted=all

Q: A lot of your work focuses on art for a cause. Do you believe that art has the power to heal and give hope and if so what was the moment in your life that made you realize this? 

A: Yes, I believe in the healing power of the arts. As a Director, I seek out the difficult stories and guide that story with compassion. My early “aha” moment came when I was acting in children’s theatre for my college. I was performing Alice in Alice in Wonderland at my younger sister’s preschool. She had been having a difficult time but I watched her be transformed with joy and excitement as she experienced the show. The magic of theatre comes in all forms.

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