Marsha Stephanie Blake on STUFFED

STUFFED at the Westside Theater is a new show dealing with serious issues in a fun way. I met with Broadway, Off-Broadway and television actress, Marsha Stephanie Blake to discuss her role in the show.

Marsha Stephanie Blake hi-res

Q: You are currently performing in STUFFED at the Westside Theater. Can you tell us a little about the show?

A: The show is based on the comedy and life of the brilliantly funny and raw Lisa Lampanelli. There are four of us in the show, including Lisa. We all represent women of various eating disorders/eating habits and our complicated, often confusing and somewhat delightful relationships with food.

Q: What is it that drew you to STUFFED and the character that you play?

A: Lisa drew me here. The snacks backstage and the fact that the play runs only about an hour twenty keeps me coming back every day.

Q: You have performed in various Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. What has been your favorite character to play?

A: Truth is whatever I’m doing at the time feels like my favorite. So right now it’s Katey in Stuffed. Though Pastor Cleveland who delivers that kick-ass sermon in the middle of The Civilians’ “This Beautiful City” has a special place in my heart.

 Q: If you could give one message to the world what would it be?

A: Oh Jeez. Really? I just get ONE message? I have a lot of advice to give. Most of it is ridiculous. Ok. My one message would be “Come see Stuffed!” No? “Never wear just your socks in an airline bathroom.” Ok, seriously, it would be…VOTE! Yeah. That sounds super smart and normal.