Town Hall, Off-Broadway and National Tours…Alexis Guarneros Talks To BroadwaySelect About His Journey Thus Far.

Q: You most recently played the lead role of Adam, in a touring production of MISS NELSON IS MISSING. Your latest performance was at the highly esteemed Broadway music venue: TOWN HALL. What would you describe as the highlight of playing this character?

A: One of the highlights was receiving such beautiful responses and love from thousands in all the states we performed in – making them laugh and seeing them enjoy our show gives sense to our hard work as artists.

This show allowed me to let out the kid that I have inside. I got to show a part of that kids  sweetest, most playful, mischievous as well as innocent personality traits – when I was a little boy I used to dream of being on stage and making people feel different emotions with my performance, but for many reasons I was not able to do so as a child, so now getting to portray a kid as a grown up feels like a reward from God in order to make up for what I couldn’t have in those years, it’s like a connection with that internal little boy that still wants to be heard and now he is finally getting his chance.

Q: You also work with the very well known theater company TEATRO SEA, how did you become involved with this theater company?

A: I found out last year that they were holding auditions for bilingual musical theatre actors to be part of the company – so I contacted them, sent them my material and requested an appointment. I auditioned for them last year, after a week I got an email from them telling me that I was accepted as a member of their community and that the director already had a part for me in one of their productions.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the show you are currently rehearsing for with TEATRO SEA?

A: It’s a musical called MY SUPERHERO ROBERTO CLEMENTE which narrates the highlights of the life of this famous Puerto Rican baseball player and his contributions to make the world a better place. The story is narrated and played by four kids (portrayed by adults) and it shows their discovery of what it means to be a real superhero, just like Roberto Clemente. It is such a moving show that amazes children and audiences of all ages because it gives you a good life lesson.

We already played that show last year in Miami as part of a festival, the event took place at the legendary Miami Dade County Auditorium, where we performed for thousands of people; it was such a rewarding experience and I can’t wait to do that show again.

 Q: One of your past Off-Broadway productions was SPRING AWAKENING performed at The American Theater of Actors. What was this experience like for you?

A: It was such a thrilling experience but also a total challenge, not only as an artist but as a person, since I had to do things that, as a teenager I said I would never do on a stage. It taught me to push my own boundaries and just go for things – It strengthened the knowledge that in art there are no limits and that I should be willing to explore and understand all existent facets of human beings, without any judgements. I was directed and choreographed by Nathan Brewer and Chad Austin. I am proud to say the results were excellent and it took my artistry to the next level.

 Q: What is your ultimate drive as a performer?

A: Sharing everything I have inside, expressing who I really am through the characters and the songs I play, and definitely inspiring people to push their own boundaries and let themselves be free to love, to enjoy live passionately, to be positive and to dream big.